May 2017


The Lone Star – Texas Part 1

In Oklahoma we had to say goodbye to Route 66 to make our way south once again, this time our destination was Texas. So far we have typically spend between one and three nights […]

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Route 66 Part 1 – Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma

From New Orleans we continued our ever zig-zagging route through the country and went north to Arkansas. In Arkansas we had rented a yurt (tent) for two days in Petit Jean State Park […]

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Music Triangle – Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana

After spending some hours with Keith and his folk art in his Hillbilly garden we were off to our next quirky destination: Metropolis Illinois, the hometown of Superman. […]

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Alabama, Tennessee & Kentucky

After visiting Georgia next on our list was Alabama. Although it is generally speaking a very scenic state with tons of great little roads to drive through the hill country […]

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Georgia – Savannah & Okefenokee

After learning that our next stop would be Savannah, GA our AirBnB host in Charleston told us that while the two cities are similar in a sense, they are also very distinctively different. […]

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The Carolinas

After driving most of the 469 miles of Blue Ridge Parkway we arrived in Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville turned out to be what we imagined Portland Oregon would be; an extremely down to earth and relaxing town […]

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Maryland & (West) Virginia

After not-so impressive Delaware, next up Maryland. And more specifically Ocean City. Ocean City is like any other boardwalk city on the US east coast […]

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