Maryland & (West) Virginia

May 2, 2017


After not-so impressive Delaware, next up Maryland. And more specifically Ocean City. Ocean City is like any other boardwalk city on the US east coast, however it has one major thing going for it. At some point in time a someone somewhere once said that: “Ocean City might as well be the mini golf capital of the world”. Being a natural born talent when it comes to mini golf, that was all I needed to hear. We ended up doing nothing else but Mini Golf in Ocean city.

The actual reason for us visiting Maryland however wasn’t the amazing Mini Golf. It was Assateague Island, an island off the coast of Maryland where wild horses still roam free. Rumour has it that there are hundreds of horses present on the Island. After a couple hours of looking for them we found a grand total of 5. And in case you were wondering; No, wild horses don’t do anything amazing that your regular horses don’t.

Hole in One!

Cox Farms

On our way from Maryland to Shenandoah National Park we made a quick stop at Cox Farms, in Centreville close to Washington DC. At a party last month at one of our mutual friends we met Lucas who owns a farm in Virginia and from there runs one of the largest fall festivals in the country. With several hundred thousand people visiting the farm for the festivities in a six-week period during fall you can imagine the sheer size of the farm. Lucas was so kind to give us a tour of the property, a great experience and it was great to see someone be so passionate about the work they are doing. Even if that work includes coming up with murder houses, zombie plagues and other scares. If you ever are in the area during fall, please do take some time to visit.

Shenandoah & Blue Ridge Parkway

Many songs have been written about the long and winding roads of Skyline Drive (Shenandoah National Park) and the Blue Ridge Parkway and the mountains that wrap around them. And its interesting how often you can listen to the same three John Denver songs on repeat before you get tired of it. After 10 hours, we haven’t reached that point yet.

Hundreds of miles of scenic drives, with amazing views around every second corner and because we are very early in the season we seem to be the only people currently enjoying this splendour. At some point we were cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway for more than an hour without running into any other cars, which has lead the “dead animal” to “human” ratio of encounters we have had to severely tip in favour of “dead animal”. A possible explanation of the apparent absence of human life in these parks might be the fact that so far 90% of our time was either spend in thick mist or in rain coming down so fast that we couldn’t see five meters in front of us. Luckily West Virginia managed to help us out by putting the Lost World Caves in our path to explore. Surely once we are 120ft below the ground the rain can’t get to us? Right? Wrong. Clearly I didn’t think this through; caves in part only exist because the rain water actually managed to get inside…


  1. Comment by Arie&Joaquina

    Arie&Joaquina Reply May 2, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    Wij genieten van jullie verhalen met de prachtige foto’s.
    Het lijkt alsof we onze kinderen dichtbij ons hebben.
    Leuk dat jullie Lucas weer hebben gezien.

    Arie & Joaquina

  2. Comment by Brenda

    Brenda Reply May 3, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    Gave foto’s! Leuke verhalen. Groetjes van Brenda.

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