New England Fall Foliage

New England

New England, Fall Foliage

Apart from New York City and Boston the north eastern part of the country isn’t as popular a travel destination as the western part is. There are no massive mountain ranges, no deserts, no warm sandy beaches, there is no Grand Canyon, Yosemite or Yellowstone. Nonetheless, ask anyone from this part of the country and they will tell you that during a very specific part of the year, New England beats all of those place when it comes to sheer beauty. Fall.

When the fall comes and the leaves start turning something magical happens to the vast landscapes of New England. Every leaf appears to turn into its own shade of red, orange, purple, yellow and gold. The fact that every other tree and every other leaf takes on a different color at a different time during the fall turns the landscape into something universally beautiful.

Or at least that is what the books tell me. When we decided to finally enjoy this scenery during a small road trip, we were met with rain and fog from New York City to Acadia National Park in Maine and back. For a full five days we have had nothing but pure sadness coming from the sky. And let me tell you those beautiful colours everyone is raving about?  A lot less mind-blowing when there is no sun to brighten them.


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