Bear Mountain by Drone

December 3, 2016

In anticipation of our road trip and to satisfy my never-ending craving for new electronic devices, we decided to go shopping for a drone. For the longest of time we have always held off on buying a drone because they tend to be extremely unwieldy. I just never really saw myself carrying around an additional suitcase next to all my camera gear when going on trips.

Luckily the largest Drone manufacturer in the world DJI came to that same conclusion which lead them to introduce the DJI Mavic. A fraction of the size of the well known Phantom line of DJI, while providing the same quality image. The picture tells the complete story on the left we have a folded Mavic, small enough to fit in the front pocket of a hoody. While on the right we have a Phantom 4, which requires a suitcase to carry around.

While actually getting our hands on a Mavic was a challenge in itself (apparently everyone and their dog tried to get one), in the end we managed to get one and have now been able to do our maiden flight. I took the drone out for a ride to Bear Mountain State Park, around 35 minutes north of Manhattan, in order to catch the sun rise. Unfortunately I didn’t bother to check at what time the park actually opens which lead to the awkward situation where I got to the entrance at 06:00AM on a Saturday morning, while the road to the mountain top wouldn’t open until 08:00AM. Luckily the area surrounding the park is scenic enough in itself, making the trip not a complete waste of time.

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